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Idaho Malting Industry

Idaho's reliable, high quality barley production attracts malting plants to Idaho Falls

Two brewing company giants will more than double Idaho's malt processing capacity during the next two to three years.


Idaho Malting Barley Industry Profile & Partners

In 2004, Idaho was the second largest barley producing state in the US and is expected to remain in the #2 spot this year, behind North Dakota. Idaho has long been known for its high quality and reliable malting barley production. This consistent quality is the reason that major brewing and malting barley companies established malting barley contracting programs in Idaho; in some cases dating back 30 years.

Our Industry Profile and Partners...

Guidelines for Producing & Selling Malting Barley

A detailed outline of malting specifications needed in producing & selling malting barley

Malt Barley (Slide Presentations)

Over the years IBC has set up workshops discussing topics of interest for the barley industry. Below is a list of malt barley topics in which various industry leaders had presented research or industry information to better educate the farmer on producing better malt barley.

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