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Idaho Malting Industry

Two brewing company giants will more than double Idaho’s malt processing capacity during the next two to three years.

Idaho Malting Industry Profile, July 2018

Anheuser Busch

  • Has been buying barley in southern Idaho for 50 years (1968-2018).  They built their original Idaho Falls malt plant in 1990 and expanded in 2004. AB continues to be the largest buyer of Idaho barley, offering annual contracts each fall (usually October) to growers across Southcentral and Eastern ID.
  •  A merger of the world’s second and third largest brewers in July 2008 created the world’s largest brewing conglomerate – Anheuser Busch InBev – with more than $36 billion in annual revenues, based in Leuven, Belgium.
  • St. Louis remains the North American headquarters of ABI and home of flagship Budweiser and Bud Light beer brands.
  • Anheuser Busch currently operates 12 breweries and 3 malt plants in the U.S., including their two malt plants in Idaho Falls, with combined capacity of 433 TMT = 28.08 million bu malt.
  • ABI purchased Grupo Modelo in 2013, acquiring more than half ownership of the InteGrow malt plant in Idaho Falls, ID.
  • In October 2016, ABI purchased the world’s 2nd largest brewer SABMiller.  In the process, the Miller unit had to be divested and sold to Molson Coors in Canada.

InteGrow / Anheuser Busch

Idaho Falls malt plant was built in 2005 by Grupo Modelo, Mexico City, and was operated as GModelo Agriculture Inc.  In 2010 they entered into a joint venture operation with Cargill Malt, Minneapolis, and changed name to InteGrow.  In 2013 Anheuser Busch InBev bought Grupo Modelo and in April 2017 they bought out Cargill Malt’s less than 50% share of InteGrow.


  • Bill Coors started contracting in Southcentral Idaho in 1969.  They built their current Burley barley elevator in 1971-72 with original capacity of 3.0 million bu.  They added 3.0 million bu capacity in 1979 and again in 1991.  Total Burley elevator capacity in 2018 is 9 million bu.
  • A joint venture of Miller Brewing and Coors in the domestic US market was finalized in 2008, combining beer production of the 2nd and 3rd largest US brewers (combined 30% marketshare).
  • Molson Coors purchased Miller unit from SAB in fall 2016.
  • MillerCoors operates six barley storage facilities, including one in Burley, ID; one malting facility in Golden, CO; and nine breweries stretching from California to Georgia.

Great Western Malting Co.

  • Built Pocatello malt plant in 1981 and expanded in 2017.
  • GWM was a unit of United Malt Holdings (UMH) when it was sold to GrainCorp of Australia in 2009, the second largest agribusiness listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. At that time, UMH was the world’s 4th largest malt manufacturer with 14 malt plants in the U.S., Canada, UK and Australia, producing about 1.2 million metric tons of malt annually.
  • Great Western Malting Co. has been a leading buyer of Idaho malting barley for nearly 50 years and can trace its history back to 1934when its original malt plant in Vancouver, WA was established by Northwest brewers to ensure that they had a local high quality_reports supply of malt ingredients.
  • GrainCorp is headquartered in Sydney, Australia and operates more than 280 grain receiving and storage facilities in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria and provides bulk commodity export and import services at 9 port terminals along the Australian east coast.
  • GrainCorp invested in a major expansion of GWM’s Pocatello malt plant, increasing capacity by 130% in 2017. Pocatello plant capacity of 210 TMT = 13.6 million bu. Total U.S. capacity is 340 TMT = 22 million bu malt.
In 2004, Idaho was the second largest barley producing state in the US and is expected to remain in the #2 spot this year, behind North Dakota. Idaho has long been known for its high quality_reports and reliable malting barley production. This consistent quality_reports is the reason that major brewing and malting barley companies established malting barley contracting programs in Idaho; in some cases dating back 30 years.

Our more than 5,000 barley producers are known for their quality_reports and reliable production, innovation, productivity and environmental stewardship. Many of our producers operate their own on-farm storage facilities, with a high level of awareness and experience in identity preservation. Idaho barley producers have a long history of supplying top-quality_reports malting barley to the state’s three malting facilities and customers in other parts of the US, Mexico and Asia.

Guidelines for Producing & Selling Malting Barley

A detailed outline of malting specifications needed in producing & selling malting barley.

Malt Barley (Slide Presentations)

Over the years IBC has set up workshops discussing topics of interest for the barley industry. Below is a list of malt barley topics in which various industry leaders had presented research or industry information to better educate the farmer on producing better malt barley.

    • Malting Barley & the World– Ralph Judd, Senior Director of Malt Operations, Busch Agricultural Resources, Inc. – US. Grains Council Delegates Meeting on July 25, 2005
    • Quality Barley- Steve Balster, Busch Agricultural Resources, Inc.
    • Grain Storage– Randy Neiwirth, Great Western Malting
    • What the Buyers Want– Randy Neiwirth, Great Western Malting
    • Malting Barley Irrigation Research– Dr. Howard Neibling, Biological & Ag. Engineering Dept., University of Idaho
South Central IdahoNorth IdahoEastern Idaho
Anheuser Busch - Hazelton
Doug Peck
Idaho Falls, ID
Columbia Grain
Cory Christensen
Clarkston, WA
Anheuser Busch - Idaho Falls
Tim Pella
Idaho Falls, ID
MillerCoors LLC
Derek Godsey
Burley, ID
Primeland Cooperatives
Russ Braun
Lewiston, ID
Cargill Malt
John Zietz
Idaho Falls, ID
Great Western Malting Co.
Clay Kaasa, Director US Barley Operations
Blackfoot, ID
PNW Farmer Coop
Sam White
Genesee, ID
General Mills
Jamie Winters
Newdale, ID
Great Western Malting Co.
Clay Kaasa, Director US Barley Operations
Blackfoot, ID
Ririe Grain and Feed
Jerry Cramer
Ririe, ID
Scoular Grain - Grace
Dale Simons
Grace, ID
Trost Feed & Seed
Wade Trost
St. Anthony, ID
InteGrow Malt, LLC
John Zietz
Idaho Falls, ID
Reinke Grain
David or Chris Reinke
Ashton, ID

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